What is this?

You leave a small secret in hotel rooms around the world. A note with a poem, a drawing, a restaurant recommendation… Whatever you like. Hide it somewhere difficult to find, and mark it with hotelroomsecret.com.

Post about your secret here at hotelroomsecret. Show exactly where it is hidden, or just give some clues. Your choice!

How to post? Well, we do our informative how to page!

Social, useful… and fun!

This site will work as a place where you create and find secrets. And communicate with other users.

You’ll also be able to find great tips on hotels, find secrets about them, and see how the rooms look.

And finally: It’s fun. Prepare something nice or cool ahead of the trip (we have templates to print on the how to/ page). And have fun finding the perfect spot to hide it.

Check hotelroomsecret before you book your hotel, and ask to get that special room where someone hid a secret last year. Is it still there? Leave a comment here if you find it!

Geocaching without a GPS

Hotelroomsecret is kind of geocaching.com, but without the GPS. A specific hotel room in a specific hotel in a specific city is a quite accurate location.

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  1. YOU KNOW (sade) says:

    I might do this when i get to my room at Kalahari Resort at Ohio. I dont know which room i will be attending though.

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