Trysil resort – bakkebygrenda 6C – Trysil, Norway

Trysil is Norway’s largest ski destination with 31 lifts and 65 different slopes. There are also golf courses, horses and boats to rent during the summer.

Close to the Tourist Center on the south side of the mountain the Hut Community “Bakkebygrenda” is situated. Each house has four apartments – two with 14 beds and two with 8 beds. The accomodation can be booked at Trysil Resort.

Trysil resort - bakkebygrenda

The secret can be found at Bakkebygrenda 6c – an appartment with three sleeping rooms; one double bed, one double bunk bed and one room with four bunk beds.

Trysil resort - bakkebygrenda - beds

The bathroom has heated floor, shower, sauna and a toilet. There also is a separat toilet in the appartment.

Trysil resort - bakkebygrenda - bathroom

The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwasher, microwave oven and a washing machine. The living room has heated floor, a fireplace, TV and DVD player. A radio/CD player is also present.

Trysil resort - bakkebygrenda - kitchen

Some 50 meters from the door you can easily slide into the slope on your skis or snowboard and reach the lift one hundered meters further down.

Trysil resort - bakkebygrenda - gift

The secret is wrapped in silvery foil and is hidden somewhere in the kitchen area. The motiv is considered to be very Norwegian… You can leave it here for the next guest, or you can keep it and replace it with something else. But don’t forget to tell us at!

Trysil resort - bakkebygrenda - gift2

Submitted by Hege

2 Responses to “Trysil resort – bakkebygrenda 6C – Trysil, Norway”

  1. Börje says:

    Just some comment about the secret:
    We are sure that some forgotten thinks was just a mistake of the room attendants (room cleaners), because our exprience was, that the cleaners (in our cabin: Erica and Marianne) unfortunately stealed most of the forgotten personal thinks (belong us) , which are left in the appt. , even when we are complained about it.
    As they introduce themselfs, they are Hungarian seasonal workers.
    But before this accident, we has benn recognize that Erica Baalog and she’s colleague or friend Paulie (probably Hungarian, too) stealed baby beds from the appt. and took it to they home ski bo. Strange!
    This has been filmed by us and anybody can watch it on the youtube site. The Resort management should have seen it…………….
    Furthermore they are goes to steal skies and snoboards from the snow (guest left front of the appt.) every night, after 10 p.m. They tried to steal our equipments at once, too.
    So, that’s all.

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