How to

What you need:

  1. A hotel room (big surprise)
  2. Something to hide (we have some tips further down)
  3. A camera
  4. E-mail and browser

Prepare something to hide

What do you want to hide? A poem, a qoute from your favourite song or book, a recommendation for a nearby pub or restaurant, a story about the hotel you’re in, a game or a toy, or a picture you took?

hotel room secret templates screenshot
Here are our templates, both in A4, A5 and US letter. Print them and use them. Or make your own. Just remember to include on the things you hide, or it will be a mystery for the one who finds it…

A4 template: Hotel room secret template A4
A5 template: Hotel room secret template A5
US letter template: Hotel room secret template US letter

Hide it

Find a good spot to hide it. In general, find a place where the hotel doesn’t clean too often: Tape it under a desk or even under a drawer in a desk, under a table or behind a picture. Obviously putting something under the pillow won’t cut it… Be careful not to tape things to electronic appliances as phones and TVs that generate heat.

Take a picture and make a text to accompany it

Always take a picture of the room. And if you like – take a picture of the place you hid your secret. It’s up to you. Then make a text to your picture(s). Please include at least the proper name of the hotel, the address, a description of it and it’s location, and some of your experiences with the hotel.

If you like to, include a Google map (or other map service) to the hotel, the link to the hotel’s webpage and an outside picture of the hotel.

Feel free to take several pictures, and feel free to write as long as you want! If you feel like writing a novel about your favourite hotel, we’ll post it (if it doesn’t suck…)

Post about it here

There are three methods for this:

Post your picture on Flickr (or similiar services) and mail us the text
If you have a Flickr account (or another picture hosting service), post your picture there, tag it “hotelroomsecret” and us the text and the link to the picture.

State in your e-mail if you would like us to tell who submitted your secret, and if you would like a link to your blog/site. It’s ok to post under a nick, see how we typically do this on the Vienna am Stadtpark post (at the end).

E-mail us both the picture and the text
us both your picture(s) and your text. If you choose this option, please make your pictures exactly 500 pixels wide, and JPEG, medium quality.

Have an account yourself
If you make frequent posts, and we can identify you with your e-mail and blog/site, you can apply for a account of your own here. And post under your own name. How does that sound? Just make a few posts with one of the methods above, and then us asking for your own account.

Please note that all posts are moderated before put online.

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