Eden Hotel Wolff – room 353 – Münich, Germany

Eden Hotel Wolff
Room number 353 is a nice room with space enough for a little sofa. The bath features a tub. The room has windows facing the street, so it’s not very quiet, but at the third floor it was not too loud. And, this room is special. It features the first Hotel Room Secret ever!

If you have been so utterly lucky that you have found the secret in Room 353 at the Eden Hotel Wolff in Munich you have come to the right place.

Room Bath

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You are the first person ever to find a Hotel Room Secret.

Visit the restaurant mentioned in the note that you have found. It’s not very expensive and it is very good.

Additional valuable knowledge:
This restaurant has the excellent Cognac Leopold Gourmel Age de Fruit on their menu. Give it a try. It’s a cognac you’ll never forget.

Well, I didn’t find any secrets, but I found this page. What is this?
This is a small project that hasn’t even started yet. It’s about leaving small secrets in Hotel Rooms around the world. It’s about sharing knowledge and culture. It’s about having a little fun on business trips. I will be back with more info later.

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  2. Espen says:

    …and it does have a “Hacker” something on the first (ground) floor, as well…

  3. Yes, and unfortunately none of my pictures reveal what kind of hacker shop it is…

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