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Crowne Plaza Hotel, room 693, Geneva, Switzerland

Friday, June 1st, 2007

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Geneva is situated close to the Geneva International Airport. It’s a shiny, modern, Scandinavian design hotel, with everything you need. The hotel’s free shuttle bus is parked 2 meters from the exit door on the airport, and this is where the Lufthansa crews sleep.

Hotel Crowne Plaza Geneva

Room 693 is in the new wing, overlooking the nearby fields and with a lift straight down to the amazing bar at the ground level. How about those lamps!!

Hotel Crowne Plaza Geneva

It’s a big, nice room with two big beds, a desk, tv, lots of closet space and a safe. A word about hotel safes: They are too small! Lots of people have 17″ laptops now, and they don’t fit in there. Even 15″ laptops are hard to stuff inside most hotel safes. What’s the point with a safe if you can’t store your most valuable item in there when you’re leaving the room? The minibar is one of those very annoying wholly automated things. So if you have your own food or beverages you want to store cold, and take out bottles from the minibar, they are immidiately added to your bill, even if you put them back in. Lame system.