Crowne Plaza Hotel, room 693, Geneva, Switzerland

June 1st, 2007

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Geneva is situated close to the Geneva International Airport. It’s a shiny, modern, Scandinavian design hotel, with everything you need. The hotel’s free shuttle bus is parked 2 meters from the exit door on the airport, and this is where the Lufthansa crews sleep.

Hotel Crowne Plaza Geneva

Room 693 is in the new wing, overlooking the nearby fields and with a lift straight down to the amazing bar at the ground level. How about those lamps!!

Hotel Crowne Plaza Geneva

It’s a big, nice room with two big beds, a desk, tv, lots of closet space and a safe. A word about hotel safes: They are too small! Lots of people have 17″ laptops now, and they don’t fit in there. Even 15″ laptops are hard to stuff inside most hotel safes. What’s the point with a safe if you can’t store your most valuable item in there when you’re leaving the room? The minibar is one of those very annoying wholly automated things. So if you have your own food or beverages you want to store cold, and take out bottles from the minibar, they are immidiately added to your bill, even if you put them back in. Lame system.
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Best Western Mornington Hotel, room 514, Stockholm, Sweden

March 8th, 2007

In the middle of Stockholm is Hotel Mornington (Mornington site), in Nybrogatan 53. It’s a nice hotel, with friendly staff, clean rooms and a good breakfast buffet.

Room 514 is a tiny room. But hey, I only needed a place to sleep and clean up. The bed was good, and even if it’s in the middle of the city, I slept well until my mobile got me up.

Best Western Mornington Hotel Room 514
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Trysil resort – bakkebygrenda 6C – Trysil, Norway

March 1st, 2007

Trysil is Norway’s largest ski destination with 31 lifts and 65 different slopes. There are also golf courses, horses and boats to rent during the summer.

Close to the Tourist Center on the south side of the mountain the Hut Community “Bakkebygrenda” is situated. Each house has four apartments – two with 14 beds and two with 8 beds. The accomodation can be booked at Trysil Resort.

Trysil resort - bakkebygrenda

The secret can be found at Bakkebygrenda 6c – an appartment with three sleeping rooms; one double bed, one double bunk bed and one room with four bunk beds.
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Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark – room 922 – Vienna, Austria

November 27th, 2006

In room 922 of the rather bland (but expensive) Vienna Hilton Am Stadtpark, there’s a small piece of paper hidden on top of the mirror. It contains directions for a decent café. If you have to go to Vienna, that is. If you can stay at home (or better still, go someplace else), do it.

Vienna is a merengue-based cream cake, which – like merengue-based cream cakes generally do – looks better than it tastes. And it doesn’t look THAT good, either. More sickening, really, unless you haven’t been eating the last couple of weeks.

Vienna’s tourist council loves to brag about how Vienna was a magnet to creative people (like Mozart). But that’s a lo-o-o-ng time ago. Back when people (like Mozart) liked to stroll about in white powdered wigs with ponytails, looking not entirely unlike their architecture. When the Viennese want to look REALLY sharp, they still don this kind of costume and headwear, making them look like Mozart, only 250 years too late.

Hilton Vienna transportation
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Radisson SAS Kristiansand Hotell – room 1714 – Kristiansand, Norway

November 26th, 2006

Irma (7) and her mother spent a couple of nights in Radisson SAS Kristiansand Hotell, Norway, attending a children’s film festival.

Radisson SAS Kristiansand Hotell

In a top secret place, Irma hid a little trinket she’d made herself, with an accompanying note saying “You’re free to use the bracelet, but please leave it behind, regards Irma 7 years”

Radisson SAS Kristiansand Hotell

Hatoya Zuthokaku – room 405 – Kyoto, Japan

April 17th, 2006

Hotel Nagoya is built to look like traditional Japanese hotels, so called “ryokan”. This means sleeping on a mattress (“futon”) on the floor, paper sliding doors, and often a common bath or spa in the hotel.

Hotelroomsecret 2

The room was ok, and the bath/spa was nice. The staff was friendly and spoke English. It’s located only 3 minutes from the JR Railway station. There were a little noise from the street in the morning. We paid about 5 000 Yen per person per night.

Hotel web page:

We have hidden a message behind a picture in room 405…

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Eden Hotel Wolff – room 353 – Münich, Germany

February 23rd, 2006

Eden Hotel Wolff
Room number 353 is a nice room with space enough for a little sofa. The bath features a tub. The room has windows facing the street, so it’s not very quiet, but at the third floor it was not too loud. And, this room is special. It features the first Hotel Room Secret ever!

If you have been so utterly lucky that you have found the secret in Room 353 at the Eden Hotel Wolff in Munich you have come to the right place.

Room Bath

Please leave a comment here!
You are the first person ever to find a Hotel Room Secret.

Visit the restaurant mentioned in the note that you have found. It’s not very expensive and it is very good.

Additional valuable knowledge:
This restaurant has the excellent Cognac Leopold Gourmel Age de Fruit on their menu. Give it a try. It’s a cognac you’ll never forget.

Well, I didn’t find any secrets, but I found this page. What is this?
This is a small project that hasn’t even started yet. It’s about leaving small secrets in Hotel Rooms around the world. It’s about sharing knowledge and culture. It’s about having a little fun on business trips. I will be back with more info later.